Mikey backpack - who am i?

Singer - Songwriter - Producer - Graphic Designer - Content Editor - Educator - So Many Things

Hi, I'm Mikey Backpack. I'm a music producer, content editor, visual designer, and educator.

I write and produce all of my own music. I started out with Indie Electronic but have since evolved into creating Chillwave songs. I love the 'epicness' inherent to the style, so if you do too then you'll love my music.


But what else have I done, and what can I do for you? Need content? Need to design something? I'm your guy.

I was the Editor for Beat Lab Academy's blog (a music production school) for three years and have written hundreds of articles on music technology. If you have ever wondered about making music, how to get started, what you need, what it's like, then I have covered it.

I have many skills, most creative, and enjoy sharing with the world.


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