Would You Like To... hear my new song and see my new video?

Today marks the official release of my very first music video for my newest original song called ,"Would You Like To". I had my lovely friend and colleague Adam Rose-Levy cut together dope footage we got on a hike we went on in Joshua Tree Forest. The vocalist on the track (Chris Thompson of Freaks of the Sea) joined us on the hike and made the adventure fully meta as we explored our relationship with nature. Watch the video below!

"Juice Box Disco" New Single Out with Burbank Karate Club

Today is the official release date of my new single out "Juice Box Disco", a song that combines wobbly synthesizers elements, a four on the four drum rhythm and a pristine lead keyboard line that jives throughout the 4 minute track. Adam and I sang some vocals and ran them through a vocoder for the chorus, "Who's got the juice? We've got the juice. It's time, to get loose." I co-wrote the song with my roommate and produced/mixed the rest after we finished the arrangement. I tapped my mentor Brian Frederick at Hybrid Studios in Santa Ana CA to master the track to give it that sweet velvet and loosey-juicey feel that it now has. This was the second song in my collaborative side-project with my

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