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Mikey Backpack Leading Beat Cyphers at Beat Lab Academy

Welcome to the New Year everybody, 2018 is looking exciting as Mikey Backpack prepares to release his second EP and continues to lead the Beat Cypher workshops at Beat Lab Academy. Mikey began the cyphers three weeks before the new year and starts them up again this Friday.

The concept is simple - make a beat in under 4 hours - but the execution can be hard. The purpose of these workshops are to strengthen your songwriting skills by becoming more confident and efficient in your songwriting process. Cyphers are typically open to the public once a month so keep an ear out by joining the Mikey Backpack mailing list and following him on Facebook.

In the meanwhile be sure to check out the beats Mikey makes at each cypher and releases weekly, you can follow his soundcloud here, if you don't have a soundcloud account then don't worry because his Facebook page and mailing list will let you know.

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