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New Year's Post

It's a new year and with the change of tide comes new adventures. What's new in my world? The most prevalent goings-ons in my life having to do with music are as always, education. Two major moves in the continued direction toward being a dope master at my crafts are:

1) I started a Turntablism course at the Garnish Music Production school in Hollywood with DJ Dynamix

2) I started Ableton Live Production courses at Beatlab Academy in Eagle Rock

What this means for my future is I will continue making friends in the industry, learning new skills, and having more experiences that will inspire me every day. Inspiration is the seed of creation, and I love to create. I want to expand my feelers throughout the industry, I feel blessed everyday to live so close to the heart of entertainment - Los Angeles.

I'll continue to appreciate, continue to learn, and continue to grow.


Mikey Backpack

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