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"Juice Box Disco" New Single Out with Burbank Karate Club

Juice Box Disco

Today is the official release date of my new single out "Juice Box Disco", a song that combines wobbly synthesizers elements, a four on the four drum rhythm and a pristine lead keyboard line that jives throughout the 4 minute track. Adam and I sang some vocals and ran them through a vocoder for the chorus,

"Who's got the juice? We've got the juice. It's time, to get loose."

I co-wrote the song with my roommate and produced/mixed the rest after we finished the arrangement. I tapped my mentor Brian Frederick at Hybrid Studios in Santa Ana CA to master the track to give it that sweet velvet and loosey-juicey feel that it now has.

This was the second song in my collaborative side-project with my roommate whom possesses musical talent in addition to his entire array of creative abilities, the man is an artiste! I look forward to releasing more music with him soon, and keep an eye out for my own music being released soon as well!

- With Love,


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